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    The war was raging in Viet Nam
    When daddy got the call.
    Now he lies in state, a twist of fate
    Inscribed upon the wall.
    I wonder at times of his final thoughts
    As death was stalking him.
    Did they drift away to the month of May
    When mama gave life to me.
    I wonder if he had time to remember
    When she first showed him me.
    Did he jump with joy for his little boy
    And clap his hands with glee.
    Did he see a part of him in me
    And hold me to his breast.
    Did he wish for me the best of things
    To lay my fears at rest.
    Did he stay up nights and rock my bed
    And pat my back in time.
    Did he set me down upon his knee
    To read some nursery rhymes.
    Did he say his prayers and speak of me
    In hopeful gracious ways.
    Did he make a bet with all his friends
    That I'd be great some day.
    Did he weep for me the night he left
    And say he was so sad.
    Did he wipe the tears from mama's face
    And say he felt so bad.
    I don't know why it took so long
    For me to see it all
    As tears well up to tumble down
    My face and on the wall.
    -------- The Viet Nam Wall

    - a poem by Benjamin Cox -

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